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Curly Hair: Making Peace With Your Natural Texture

Come by your curls naturally? Then please step away from the flat iron.  No more playing it straight.  It's high time you learn to "heart" ie love your hair's natural curly texture.  Doesn't matter if they are wild and crazy, cute and curly, or show off waves with attitude - why not just embrace those curls? 

Yes, as it turns out, you can be wild about your hair even on days it misbehaves.
naturally curly hair

Also remember that according to a survey by New Beauty magazine, if given a choice, 78% of women would pick wavy curly hair.  Of course maybe 78% of respondents never had to face what you have to face in the mirror every morning.  But still.  Can all those women be wrong?

Now with our first article, 5 Curl Commandments For Curly Girls, we started to explore living happily ever after with curls.  Sadly that's not all you need to know.  Yeah, you just knew there had to be a catch, didn't you?  So let's see if we can't continue to fill any gaps in your knowledge. 

So can we agree you want to wash your hair as infrequently as possible?  And don't worry.  You won't end up with an oil spill waiting to happen on top of your head.  Besides you'll be doing what's called "co washing" (that's using a cleansing conditioner of some sort instead of shampoo) some of the time to wash up.  And maybe using dry shampoo if need be one or two days as well.  Although you likely will be able to avoid that. 

Then if you've lived with your curls for any length of time you understand the conditioning routine required.  It can be described in six words.  Condition.  Condition.  And condition some more.  Just take care to pick the right formulation.  You want a product that delivers the needed hydration without weighing your tresses down.  Here's a short cheat sheet.  If you are going for soft curls think sprays.  Gels can deliver bigger more defined curls.  While those going for a more coiled look would want to find denser creams to apply to get that look. 

Plus don't forget this important bit of advice.  Once the curl pattern is set, it's hands off. That's right.  Once you are done applying whatever products you apply to get your look you don't want to mess with your hair.  At all.  The heat from your fingers can touch of a frenzied frizz attack.  And no one wants that. 

Also, you seriously want to avoid brushes since they can break up the natural curl not to mention set the stage for frizz.  You are better off detangling and/or conditioning using a wide tooth comb.  Failing that fingers can be magical too.

curly hair tips
Stylist tips: If you don't have a curly hair care products collection raise your hand.  Let me tell you anyone that doesn't raise their hand is lying.  Most of us have tried a gazillion products.  But guess what?  No collection needed.  If you are looking to lock fine haired curls in place use a water based gel.  You'll get the desired affect without weighing down your hair.  If you're dealing with thicker or coarser strands pick up a hydrating cream to work into them.  And whatever you do use alcohol based stylers with care.  You guessed it.  They tend to suck the moisture out of already parched strands.  The worst offender?  Hair spray.  Be very careful on only use in measured doses if at all.

After shampooing those with loose curls want to use a curl amplifying conditioner and then work in some curl-enhancing serum or gel through their hair. There are plenty to choose from.  The best way to blow dry loose curls is to let your strands rest on the diffuser for three to five seconds at a go.  Then move to the next section.  Repeat this routine until all your hair is dry. 

If your hairdresser offers anything but a dry cut get out of the chair.  S/he is not the one for you. There's a reason behind that dry cut business.  All too often wet curly hair and dry curly hair look like two totally different animals.  Once dry, your curls will recoil and retract.  Getting a wet cut can set you up for a much shorter cut than you expected.  Don't let your stylist be the one to spring that on you.  If cut dry they will know where every strand of hair will end up.

While we're on the subject of cuts if you have long lush flowing curls tapered layers could work well for you. Just don't fall in love with the length.  Hair that curls that is long can weigh itself down and stretch things to point of looking all gangly and lanky which may not be your hair's best look.  Bras strap length would be about as long as you should go - if that. For extra shaping ask to have layers cut in starting just below your chin.

Awesome tips like these can let you call a truce with your war on curls, don't you think?

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